Action, Excitement, Drifting!

Evergreen Drift is your place to experience the excitement of drifting at its best.

Home to the Northwest Grassroots Championship series and the only Formula Drift ProAm Affiliate series in the Northwest; we are one of the few venues in North America where you can go from a beginner to earning your professorial license without ever going to another track.

Drifters from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and beyond have been coming for seven seasons to slay tires, tap walls, and participate in the camaraderie of the local drift scene.

Join us for our next event and experience the energy and community of Evergreen Drift for yourself!

Latest & Greatest

3 Tracks = More Runs

Join us on Sunday January 25. We'll be running 3 different courses at the same time. That equals more runs and track time for you at the same price. Check out the details. ----    Try out our new 3-... Read More...

Open Drift January 10 - Seahawks Time Change

"Drift What You Drive" Open Drift - This event is open to all drivers and skill levels. Rain? No Problem. Whether you are a ProAm competitor, Grassroots or just someone looking to slay tires this... Read More...

Test those new Christmas Toys! - Open Drift

"Drift What You Drive" Open Drift - This event is open to all drivers and skill levels. Whether you are a ProAm competitor, Grassroots or just someone looking to slay tires this event is for you.... Read More...

Drift School coming up 12/6.

Class is back in session... Evergreen Drift style. It's time for Drift School. This event gives you drifting experience and an opportunity to get instruction with some of the top drifters in the... Read More...

Event Schedule

EVD56 - Open Drift

EVD57 - Open Drift

EVD58 - Drift School

EVD60 - Open Drift

EVD62 - Open Drift

EVD63 - Drift Festival / 'Patriot Games'

EVD65 - Open Drift

EVD67 - Open Drift

EVD69 - Open Drift

EVD70 - Open Drift / Halloween Party

EVD59 - Grassroots / ProAm Round 1

EVD61 - Grassroots / ProAm Round 2

EVD64 - ProAm Round 3 at Formula Drift

EVD68 - Grassroots Round 4 / ProAm Round 5

Safety Session @ 425 Motorsports

Evergreen Speedway Extreme Night with Drift Exhibition

EVD Awards Party @ 425 Motorsports

EVD71 - Open Drift

EVD72 - Open Drift

EVD73 - Drift School

EVD74 - Grassroots / ProAm Round 1

EVD75 - Open Drift

EVD-77 Open Drift

EVD-76 All Systems Go

EVD-78 Terminal Velocity

EVD Pro Am Rd 4/Formula Drift Throwdown Round 5

EVD-79 Open Drift

EVD 80 - Mission Accomplished

inMotion Car Show & EVD 5/8th's Open Comp

EVD 87 - Open Drift

EVD 88 - Open Drift

EVD 83 - Friday Night Lights

EVD 92 - Open Drift

EVD 93 - ProAM #1 / Grassroots #1


EVD 94 - Open Drift

EVD 95 - ProAM #2

EVD 96 - Grassroots #2

EVD 97 - Open Drift

EVD 101 - Grassroots #4

EVD 102 - ProAM #4

EVD 103 - Tandem Mayhem!

EVD 104 - Open Drift

EVD 106 - Open Drift

EVD 105 - ProAM #5 / Grassroots #5 Championships!

EVD 89 - Drift School / Open Drift

EVD 91 - Open Drift


EVD 90 - Open Drift

NwMotiv Presents: InMotion Car Show & Drift Event

EVD 98 Pro-Am Rd 3

EVD 99 Grassroots Round 3

EVD 108 - Open Drift

EVD 109 - Drift School #1 / Open Drift Under the Lights

EVD 110 - Open Drift

EVD 111 - Drift School #2 / Open Drift Under the Lights

Evergreen Drift 2013 Season Awards Banquet

EVD 113 - Open Drift

EVD 114 Drift School #3 / Open Drift Under the Lights

EVD 115 Open Drift

EVD 116 Open Drift

EVD 117 2014 Season Opener / Open Drift

425 Motorsports Evergreen Drift Grass Roots & Pro Am I presented by Era1

2014 NISSAN Fest

Red Bull Tandem Grassroots Drift & Drag Racing

ImportMeet.com DriftCon

EVD Drift Expo at 60 Minutes of FEAR

Summer Shootout ProAm & Grassroots III

Formula Drift Weekend - 425 ProAm & Tandem Sunday

Evergreen State Fair Drifting

Drift What You Drive! - Open Drift

DriftCon Afterdark Show & Drifting

Grassroots Top 50 Finals

OctoberFAST Drift - Open Drift

Drift School & Open Drift

Evergreen Drift - Open Drift 12/27/2015

Winter Drift - Open Drift Saturday January 10th

3-Track Open Drift - Jan. 25