Drift School 12-8-12

Ok Evergreen Drifters it's that time again! Come find out what this "drifting stuff" is all about on December 8th, 2012 right here at Evergreen Drift. Be sure to register early to secure your spot by clicking on this link, and we'll see you on December 8th! 

Drift School just got better! Now after Drift

School we're throwing in an OPEN DRIFT from 5-10pm under the lights!

Everyone is welcome to come and play on the 3/8th's and 5/8th's.

Here's the pricing breakdown for the day:

Grandstands are free for spectators all day

Pitpass is $15

Drift School $70

Open Drift from 5-10pm: $50

Drift School + Open Drift: $100

Bring a lot of tires!