Event Recap: InMotion Drift Competition

In-Motion Drift Competition

The In-Motion Car Show and Drift Event would mark An End to a Stellar Competition season. The Drifting year is far from over; we’ve added a winter schedule providing seat time rain or shine, but the In-Motion show would be the final 5/8ths competition until 2013. Diversity Law had provided a 5000 dollar purse which brought out and tempted the best drifters in the Northwest. This Recap will take you through the drifting side of the In-Motion show, we’ll be posting links later to all the indoor coverage from the NwMotiv indoor Car show that was taking place in the Arena next door.


Local Formula D licensed Pro and Pro-Am Drivers as well as some 5/8ths rookies were invited out to battle it out. A Total of 17 drivers showed up to the event. All ready to drive the big monstrous bank, pushing their cars up to the same speed and skill of the Pro guys that come here once a year. We Run the Same Layout that Formula Drift runs and we push the drivers through the same wall riding, high speed, crazy fun course.


Qualifying Went Fairly Smooth, Pressure is on as the drivers only have 2 chances to get a good impression on the judges. A few spins and a few costly zeroes. With 17 drivers we decided to have the two lowest qualifiers (being double 0’s I believe) would have earned a spot in top 16 and go up against the top qualifier Nik Jimenez.


In an intermission Sorts, we decided to do something a little different and very special. Josh Ostbye is currently fighting cancer, and we had a Surprise Donation of $500 that went to Josh to aid him in his battle. We bought Josh down to show our support and to give him the honor of sending out our Halftime show.

We had paired Kelly Thorpe up against a seasoned Motorcycle Drag Racer in friendly straight line Battle. Our Guest of honor Josh Ostbye would be the starter for us staged up between the screaming machines; sending them down the Evergreen Drag Strip. Josh was all smiles and looked like a pro, as he signaled the drivers to Rev their engines, he dropped his arms to signal the start as 2 and four wheel screamed through. They liked so much the drivers came back for a second pass. It was a different sight to see and a unique moment for Josh. I’m soo glad we were able to put this together just for him.





Donnie Jones and Chris Greenfield were the first to battle it out for the final bracket spot. Always a pleasure to see at the track and a driver who has certainly progressed, “Gold For the Money” Donnie Jones was unfortunately knocked out the competition early after straightening out on his chase run. I like the fact that Donnie didn’t immediately pack up and head home, with a smile on his face I saw him roaming the grandstands and enjoying the rest of the show. He Always has a good spirit.


Chris Greenfield Would Go on to battle Veteran Driver and Season Champion Nik Jimenez. Rookie vs. Pro battle as Nik the newly crowned champion, anticipation was high and, understandably, most assumed the fight would go to Nik, especially after a strong Lead run. However Chris Green field kept things quiet in the back but held his own for sure. On Niks chase run He came in a little too hot off the bank and washed off line into the infield. Giving the win the Rookie Chris Greenfield. Regardless a stellar year for Nik, he is after all the 2012 Pro-Am champion, and today he at least gets $150 for being the #1 qualifier.


Next Fight Paired Cameron Moore against Matt Vankirk. Cameron’s Lead Run left Matt Blinded in smoke as they rounded the final Hairpin, causing him to straighten out. Cameron had the advantage coming into his chase run but a mistake by Cameron would lead to the first One More Time battle of the night. A Very close battle with only a single subtle correction would send Matt Vankirk on to Top 8. Cameron Moore’s Chase runs were some of the best chasing I’ve seen him do all season, all up on him!


Roland Gallagher has been running strong and hard since his top 16 finish in Formula Drift Las Vegas. Was also killing It at the last open drift. His presence putting the pressure on Galen Callahan, but he would keep his head cool, as Roland fell victim to an over rotation giving the win to the Cressida. Roland will roll out in one piece and continue his Travels on to the Final Round of Formula Drift at Irwindale speedway.


Michael Tweak Klingle is another driver that has progressed extremely well during his first season on the 5/8ths. He put up a good fight against Kyle Pollard, but wasn’t able to close the gap on the infield. A minor straighten out on his chase run fell victim to Kyle’s flawless performance.


In Another Pro vs. Pro-Am Battle, we saw Kelly Thorpe charging hard against Mike Phillips, but fell a little loose behind Mike as he came into the infield. However he came back with a Strong lead run where Mike failed to stay in close banana, so the Judges Decided on a One More Time. A Very Close battle the second time around, but this time Mike Phillips was able to take the win, his lead line was a bit more on point.


Chris Scremin Of Drift Safari Was the lone Canadian ranger to the event. He’s got v8 power and fresh moves in the subtle styled s13, as he makes a new appearance on the 5/8ths bank. He was however knocked out by the Hard charging face eating Kory Keezer, who stayed on his heels thru the end.


Casey Torres has been warming up to the 5/8ths bank, this would be his Second Day drifting the Pro course.

The Monster that is the bank took a bit out of Casey in a common case of Snap under steer; pointing Casey right in to the wall. Victor Moore was able to avoid Casey’s crash and obviously took the win with Casey out of Commission. Casey’s not done driving yet and has said he will be making a return in the coming season.

Casey was not the only driver to meet the wall… it was hungry for more… In the Final Top 16 Battle immediately following Casey’s crash; we saw Andrew Larson have a snap correction off the bank into the wall right in front of the grand-stands. Some would say the 350Z is cursed as it has met the wall more times than any other car I can think of, so Larson says he may retire the car. But as expected Unrelenting Andrew Larson says he will bring himself back to life at the Track in a new car next season most likely. I look forward to it. Rob Primo took the advance in that final battle and joined the other top 8 drivers.





TOP 8 BATTLES >>> All Drivers eliminated take home $200 from Phil Su of Diversity Law.


First Battle of the Top 8 was a typical s13 coupe vs. s13 hatch Battle. Chris Greenfield had a few struggles on the infield and was actually passed by Matt Vankirk as he fell off line and out of drift. Vankirk Takes the win on to Final Four but props go to Chris Greenfield, doing an outstanding job for his first Time Driving the 5/8ths. Looking forward to seeing him compete in 2013.


Galen Callahan Vs Kyle Pollards. Kyle pollard was certainly out powered, as Galen Screamed off the start line into a high line smoky lead run. A clean run from Kyle meant a One More Time. Galen Again put out an amazing Lead run, this time tapping his bumper on the bank and pulling out with crazy smoke and angle into the infield. In Chase Galen Put his bumper into the wall AGAIN but threw him into the low line, giving the win to Kyle Pollard who kept both runs clean.


Kory Keezer vs. Mike Phillips. Kory’s bloodlust put him right up on Phillips in the first run. As they Came out of the final clipping Mike Phillips seemed to startle down and drove off the course… immediately followed by a call for 5 minutes. Unfortunately Mike would Succumb to motor issues at this; event a few weeks before Irwindale. Mikes forfeit sends Kory Keezer on to the Final 4.


Rob Primo Vs Victor Moore. in a classic evergreen old boy battle. Both Solid Drivers and each of them earning pro licenses this past year thru our Pro-am series. Victor loses Primo in the smoke and angle on his lead run, and was able to keep the pressure clean on Primo during his chase. Victor Moore’s aggressive and tighter chase advances him as the final driver into the final 4.




FINAL 4 FIGHT >>>>> 4th recieves $350 and 3rd taking home $700 from Phil Su of Diversity Law


Kyle Pollard Vs Matt Vankirk. Matt’s SR Would slightly out power The corolla. Gets a decent lead from Kyle on his lead run, but Matt was fairly shallow coming off the bank and also dropped into a bit of a low line coming off his infield transfer. However he came back with an outstanding chase and earned himself a one more time against the Formula Drift Driver

One more Time battle we saw Matt Vankirk throw down another strong lead run, but only this time Kyle was able to pinch out the gap and keep it within decent banana. Kyle’s lead run was flying fast, pushed a solid line and kept distance away from Vankirk and took his win into the finale. Matt Vankirk would stay back to battle for 3rd.

Kory Keezer vs. Victor Moore. Both drivers hard charging a very fast. But Keezer is Crazy fast. He was able to pinch into Victor right from the start on the bank, but he didn’t leave any breathing room and ended up straightening out and correcting himself on the infield. He did keep it crazy loud and wicked close to victor thru all the madness but would take the fault after spin on his lead run. He will stay back to battle Matt Vankirk for 3rd.






Matt Vankirk vs. Kory Keezer. Sr20 vs. V8. Hatch vs. Coupe. On Kory’s Lead Run hisV8 takes the great leap ahead in and is able to establish a gap on Vankirk. When Matt Leads and throws down a crazy transfer on the infield, Kory is practically inches off his heels. This puts Keezer on the inside of Matt and throws him offline on the inside. He then struggles to keep it clean and drives off track while Matt Vankirk Powers through a full lock finish, and onto the podium for 3rd place.







Victor Moore vs. Kyle Pollard. Victor Was looking solid and strong but got a little two overzealous on his transfer and them he seemed to shut it down after that. Kyle pollard was looking clean passing but then he too suddenly ended his drift before the end of the track. Therefore in the eyes of the judges I believe this was a fair and unfortunate mistake by both drivers, a slight advantage to Kyle if anything. Victor should have re-initiated and Kyle should have never stopped drifting. The second run with Kyle leading, was flawless. Kyle laid set up another great line and victor played shadow perfectly. Undecided The judges call a One more time!


On the Final Charge toward the 5/8ths bank, Victors waste-gate line came off, hit twice the amount of boost and detonated, Victor pulled out at the last moment to save Kyle from wrecking.


With a Victory Lap to secure his title, Kyle Pollard went on to claim $2500 courtesy of Phil Su from Diversity Law. Victor Moore with second on podium receives $1000 as well. Coming into this event, we didn’t know who we were going to see on podium. It was a mass accumulation of talent, all the Drifting generations that have emerged in the recent years battling it out in this open invite event that proved to show all sides of Drifting. Some Amazing battles, some surprise upsets and sad crashes too; but overall a huge success and an just a taste of the drifting to come in the years to follow.





Huge thanks to all the Drivers, Sponsors, Media, Staff, Volunteers, and of course the Fans who supported this event!


-Mat "AfroDrift" Risher