EVD 102 - ProAM #4

Saturday, July 20, 2013

This is IT!  The Biggest show of the year, the breaking point!  Formula D round 5 and Pro-am Round 4.  Together again for one spectacular weekend of drifting!  Drivers from all around the world will be coming here for the Formula D Round of competition. 

This is always the biggest and best event and no drifting fan should miss out.


Your Formula Drift Event ticket gets you access to both the FD and Pro-Am events!


Round 4 of 5 for our Pro-Am Drivers means the points are starting to add up and this is a very crucial round for these drivers.  Only 2 FD destinations are privileged to run Pro-Am alongside the pro’s, and we are extremely lucky to be given time to compete.  This is a rare opportunity for drivers looking for exposure and a chance to be discovered by big names in the industry. 


In addition, the weekend will end with Tandem Mayhem on Sunday. So plan to Stick Around!


***TICKETS for sale ONLINE HERE > http://formulad.com/schedule/pro-championship/monroe.php***


ALL PRO-AM COMPETITORS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER ONLINE HERE>>> http://www.evergreenspeedway.com/post/saturday-pro-am-round-4-registration-with-formula-drift/


MEDIA – all media requires permission and approval through Formula Drift. FD media application is here http://www.formulad.com/contact/media-application.php