EVD 93 - ProAM #1 / Grassroots #1

Saturday, April 20, 2013



REGISTER HERE >>>>   Click Here to Register for April 20th ProAm and Grassroots.   Registration Closes April 19th at 12:00 noon.



Join us for the opener of the 2013 competition season where on a Saturday night.  This year all Pro-Am and Grassroots Rounds will be held on Seperate days EXCEPT for the First and Last Events.

 A night traditionally reserved for the oval track racers has been taken over by the sideways junkies. The Grassroots and Evergreen Drift Northwest Formula Drift ProAm championship series have quickly become the training grounds for Formula Drift professional drivers.  There are currently 10 Licensed formula D Drivers from Evergreen Drift, we want YOU to be the next.

If you are not driving then come out and join the party. Vendors please contact us if you would like to come out! 

Grassroots Registration will be capped at 40 Drivers.  preregister to save your spot!   Otherwise its first come first serve in the AM.


  • Grandstands - $10 (under 6 free)
  • Pit Pass - $15 (Drivers and Crews back gate..spectators front gate and inside)
  • Grassroots -$70
  • ProAm - $100 (includes 3 "crew" pit passes)

Purse ProAm //

  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200
  • 4th-$150
  • Great 8 Eliminated - $100
  • Top Qualifier - $50

Grassroots //

  • 1st - Evergreen Drift event entry certificate
  • 2nd - Evergreen Drift event entry certificate
  • 3rd - Evergreen Drift event entry certificate

Event Schedule (subject to change)

No Ride Alongs Allowed On Competition Days


Evergreen Drift Pro-Am / Grassroots Round 1 Day Schedule:

- 9:30am - Back Gates Open.

        -Tech Inspection.

- 10:30am - Grassroots Drivers Meeting with Judges.

- 10:45am - Pro-Am Drivers Meeting with Judges.

- 11:00am - Track Hot.

        -Open Practice.

        -Grassroots Qualifying

        -Pro-Am Qualifying

        -Grassroots top 32

- 3:00pm *  - Opening Ceremonies.

- Pro-Am Top 16

- Grassroots Top 16

- Pro-Am Top 8

- Grassroots Top 8 to finish

- Pro –Am Final Four to finish

- Podium Ceremonies

-event finish


9:30AM - Back Gates and Ticket Booth will open after the EVD staff has signed in.  Media, Drivers, and Pit Crew will sign in first. Immediately proceed to parking and prepare for tech inspection.

*Parking – ONLY Competitor Cars / Support Trucks and Trailers are allowed in the “Driver Pit” area.  Other cars need to park on the outside of the 5/8ths near the horse arena.

Grassroots Drivers will be split into two run groups during tech inspection.  Run Group A and Run Group B. (Run groups will only be used for practice and qualifying) It is your duty to know where we are at in the schedule and to be at the proper place accordingly.  Stay Alert.

Drivers Meeting with the Judges.  We will discuss the Points system and what the judges will be looking for.  If you have any questions or concerns; this will be the best time to address them. 

Length of Practice is still to be determined.  We can guarantee a Minimum of 3 Practice runs for all drivers before qualifying begins.  Use this time wisely to get your setup and driving line down.

Grassroots drivers will get 3 qualifying runs.  Scores from the top 2 runs will be added together to determine their final number and placement in top 32 competition.

Pro-Am Drivers will get 2 qualifying runs.  The Better of the two runs will be counted and used for placement in top 16 competitions.  All Drivers will be a part of Opening Ceremonies and the Main show. For Example:  If there are 20 Drivers, then the 8 drivers (qualified 13th thru 20th) will battle it out in a bracket to determine the 4 positions left in top 16.

Pro-Am Qualifying will immediately be followed by Grassroots Top 32.

After Grassroots Top 32 we will be Rolling out All Pro-am Cars to the Front line for Opening Ceremonies and Fan Appreciation.

As we work our way through the day and as drivers get eliminated in competition we would like to remind you to stick around to enjoy the rest of the show.  We will have Beer Garden and Concessions open so please take advantage of them. Please support your Fellow Drifters and hang out with us until the Trophies are given away at the end of the night. 

We expect a few hiccups as there are every event, and we appreciate your understanding and assistance.  Thank you again for your continued support of the program, and let us know if you have any questions.  

We’ll See you On Saturday.  Please Arrive by no later than 10:30 for the drivers meeting!!!


Schedule subject to change*

Event Specific Details

  • Competitor and Registered Pit Crew: Use South Gate following blue line path off of Cascade View Dr.
  • Spectators: Park in lots designated with "P" off of 179th Ave SE and enter through the grandstands.
  • Pit passes are available for sale in the grandstands for fans parked in the main grandstand parking lot.
  • Due to limited space during competition events only media, competition, and one competition support vehichle per driver will be allowed through the back gate. We ask all others to please park in the grandstands parking lots. Thank you!

Note: Speed Limit is 10mph on county propery!  If we catch you spinning tire or drifting in the dirt on county property you will be banned from the speedway.


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REGISTER HERE >>>> Click Here to Register for April 20th ProAm and Grassroots. Registration Closes April 19th at 12:00 noon.