EVD 95 - ProAM #2

Saturday, May 18, 2013

PRO AM REGISTER HERE >>> http://www.evergreenspeedway.com/info/20122013-offseason-schedule/

OPEN DRIFT REGISTER HERE >>>> Registration for Saturdays Open Drift is Live!!  http://www.evergreenspeedway.com/post/may-18th-evergreen-open-drift-registration/

There will also be a HUGE auto swapmeet in the fairgrounds, so Grandstants will be free for crossover traffic during the open drift.

Drivers who were not able to make registration for sundays event are encouraged to get seat time During Saturdays morning open drift.   Pro-Am Drivers that want more seat time a welcome to join as well.  Driver Cap of 30 and online Registration will open on Wedensday 5/15.   Sunday Grassroots drivers are welcome to register but know that priority goes to unseated/ unregistered/ new drivers.

Open Drift Prices :
Pro-Am Drivers $140  ($30 discount for full day)
Open Drift Drivers $70    ($50 if drove Cinco De Mayo)
Pit-Passes - $15

 Nights were traditionally reserved for the oval track racers, but have been taken over by the sideways junkies. The Evergreen Drift Northwest Formula Drift ProAm championship series have quickly become the training grounds for Formula Drift professional drivers. There are currently 10 Licensed formula D Drivers from Evergreen Drift, we want YOU to be the next.

We will also be holding our first TEAM TANDEM drift competition during the Pro-Am Festivities.  Details Below.  WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 3 TEAMS TO PUT THIS ON.   ON STANDBY FOR 2 MORE TEAMS

If you are not driving then come out and join the party. Vendors please contact us if you would like to set up and promote.

This is our biggest Pro-Am year YET.   Top 4 NON-SEATED Drivers will get their Pro-Am Licenses at the end of the Season. 
Pricing ///
•Grandstands - $10 (under 6 free) free for open drift
 •Pit Pass - $15 (all crew has to pay pit fee)
 •Team Tandem Drivers -$100
 •Pro-am Drivers - $100

Purse ProAm ///
•1st - $500
 •2nd - $300
 •3rd - $200
 •Great 8 Eliminated - $100
 •Top Qualifier - $50

Team Tandem Competition ///
 •1st - $500 Goes to the #1 Display of Tandem Teamyness

Teams of CAGED 3/8ths Drifters will pair up (2 or more per team) and have a “Timed” run on the 3/8ths Course, Freestyle the infield in whatever way you choose!  Teams will have a minimum of 2 practice sessions before the main show.   For their Judged Performance during the Main Competition, Teams will select a Song for Mat to play along to their freestyle.  Length of Run still to be determined/ we need to know what you think Is a good amount of time.  90 second minimum  – 3 min session?
Hint* Choreograph and plan a layout, make your teams time stand out from the others!

Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Round 2 Day Schedule ///

 - 9:30am - Back Gates Open to all cars.

 - 10:30 Open Drift Drivers Meeting
 - 11:00  Track Goes hot.  Open Drift.  Grandstands open

 - pro-am tech opens till 4pm

- 4:00 - Open Drift Over.  Break.

- 4:30 Pro-Am Drivers Meeting #1

- 5:00pm  Practice
 Pro-Am takes priority - Team Tandem cars will practice during last 15min of each hour session  and in between when there is time.

 - 7:00pm  Pro-Am qualifying –
  Pro-Am Drivers will get 2 qualifying runs. The Better of the two runs will be counted and used  for placement in top 16 competitions.
 - 7:45 Pro-Am drivers meeting #2
 - 8:15 - 8:30pm Opening Ceremonies - TOP 16 Competition

- Pro-am Top 8 To Finish

-Podium Ceremonies   

SLEEPOVER!! Drivers are encouraged to Camp out overnight and attend the Grassroots Comp Sunday

We’ll See you On Saturday. Please Arrive by no later than 4:45 for the drivers meeting!!!
Event Specific Details
 •Competitor and Registered Pit Crew: Use South Gate following blue line path off of Cascade View Dr.
 •Spectators: Park in lots designated with "P" off of 179th Ave SE and enter through the grandstands.
 •Pit passes are available for sale in the grandstands for fans parked in the main grandstand parking lot.
 *Parking – ONLY Competitor Cars / Support Trucks and Trailers are allowed in the “Driver Pit” area. Other cars need to park on the outside of the 5/8ths near the horse arena.
Note: Speed Limit is 10mph on county propery! If we catch you spinning tire or drifting in the dirt on county property you will be banned from the speedway.
See the Information link for additional details.
•Driver Instructions - http://evergreendrift.com/information/drivers
•Spectator Instructions - http://evergreendrift.com/information/spectators
•Media Instructions and Policy - http://evergreendrift.com/information/media
•Volunteer Instructions – Message us - http://evergreendrift.com/information/volunteers
•Track Location and Information - http://evergreendrift.com/information/track
•Contact - http://evergreendrift.com/information/contact

 Rules - Everyone in the pit area is subject to Evergreen Drift Rules.
•Tech Requirements - http://evergreendrift.com/rules/tech-inspection
•Pit Rules < Applies to drivers and pit pass holders. - http://evergreendrift.com/rules/general-regulations
•Reminders -◦All drivers must have a 5lb or larger Pit Fire extinguisher visible in their pit space at all times during the event. In car extinguishers are not required on the 3/8th but are for ProAm on the 5/8ths. Bring your extinguisher to tech to pass!
◦Engines may not be revved or loud motors fired prior to 11am.