EVD61 - Grassroots / ProAm Round 2

Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's on! Round 2 of Evergreen Drift Competition season!

Evergreen Drift is a proud member of the NOS Drift Tour.

Join us for a day jam packed full of drifting competition with both the Grassroots and Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm championship.

Grassroots is a Top 32 competition that allows cars of power levels to compete on an even footing on the 3/8ths competition course head to head in four round championship series.

The ProAm championship is a grueling five round series of the best drifters in the Northwest competing for a overall purse of $1600 per event and three professional Formula Drift licenses . They duel door to door at 80 miles per hour inches from the wall on the same professional 5/8ths course that Formula Drift uses.

Grandstands are just $10 (under 12 free!)

NW Motive with the help of NW Built are hosting the Forum Meet showoff. For $15 per car/driver you can join the showcase of the cool cars the Northwest has to offer. Please note, due to safety there is no vehicle re-entry allowed for the forum showoff. Walk in re-entry is no problem so grab a ride with a friend who parked outside if needed!

Also enjoy live music by DJ Dunn Dirty and get your free NOS from the NOS team!

Driver Registration Instructions

All drivers competing in Grassroots or ProAm competitions must fill out a driver profile to be assigned a season number. Season numbers are first come, first served so reserve your's now. Secure your lucky number before some one else does!

Number registration is avaiable on site but please sign up before the event to make your registration experience faster and less of a hassle the day of the event.

To set up your account and create your driver profile see the Account Instructions page for a step by step how to.

Creating you profile only needs to be done once for the season so if you signed up for round 1 you are in the system and all set for Round #2.

Details //


  • Grandstands: $10
  • Forum Meet Showoff: $15 (driver and car entry)
  • Hot Pit Pass (Driver Crew ONLY): $15
  • Grassroots: $70
  • ProAm: $100
  • Pay at the gate! Cash / Check only.


  • 9:30am - Back Gate Open - Competitors, Crew, Forum Meet Roll In
  • 10:30am - Drivers Meeting
  • 11:00am - Track Hot
    • Practice, Qualifying, Grassroots Top 32
  • 3:00pm - Opening Ceremonies
    • ProAm Tandem Rounds and Grassroots Top 16
  • 6:00pm - Podium Ceremonies
  • * Schedule subject to change


ProAm //

  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200
  • 4th - $150
  • Great 8 Eliminated - $100
  • Top Qualifier - $50

Grassroots //

  • 1st - Evergreen Drift event entry certificate
  • 2nd - Evergreen Drift event entry certificate
  • 3rd - Evergreen Drift event entry certificate
  • Additional prizes from 425 Motorsports and Longacre Racing


  • Concessions - Burgers, Dogs, Fries, Chili. Cash only and most items under $5.
  • Race Fuel - Trick Racing Unleded 100 and Leaded 110 avaiable for sale in the pits. Current price is $8 and some change per gallon.
  • Free NOS to from the NOS crew to keep your energy up
  • Live DJ in the pits.


Special Event Notes // 

  • Only drivers, essential pit crew, and volunteers with wristbands will be able to access the hot pit and grid areas for insurance, safety, and security reasons.
  • Do not block the path through the middle of the driver pit area.
  • No re-entry for forum meet vehicles. Cars need to remain parked for the duration of the event to keep the fans safe. Walk in re-entry is no problem!
  • Grandstands parking is in the main lot to the West.


Grassroot Drivers Roll in Instructions:

  1. Arrive at south back gate no later than 9:30 am
  2. Pay for your entry at the back gate.
  3. Proceed to Grassroots Pit and park. Please use the least amount ofspace possible.
    • Due to limited space, only essential support vehicles will be allowed to park in the pit area in addition to competition cars.
  4. Unload your car and prep it for tech inspection
  5. Go to the Grassroots Tech Inspection Area and pass tech! Don't forget to bring your helmet and pit fire extinguisher.
  6. Go to registration and check in and receive your run group and competition number
  7. Drivers assigned to run group A or B must report to staging by 10:15am
  8. Attend the 10:30 am Grassroots drivers meeting
  9. Wait for your run group to be called for practice runs!


ProAm Drivers Roll in Instructions:

  1. Arrive at south back gate no later than 9:30am
  2. Pay for your entry at the back gate.
  3. Proceed to ProAm Pits and park. Please use the least amount of space possible.
    • Only essential support vehicles will be allowed to park in the pit area other than competition cars. Trailers may need to be parked outside the pits.
  4. Unload your car and prep it for tech inspection
  5. Tech inspectors will come to your car in your pit stall. Have your driver gear ready for inspection.
  6. After passing tech go to registration and check in to receive your ProAm windshield banner and doorcard.
  7. Windshield banners and number plates must be installed before taking any runs on course.
  8. Attend the 10:30am ProAm drivers meeting.
  9. Have your car in grid prior to 11am


Forum Meet Roll in Instructions:

  1. Use the grandstand gate located to the left of the grandstand.
  2. Once you get to the Forum Meet Parking area the NW Built volunteers will direct you where to park. Remember, pit speed is 10mph or less and we are unable to allow re-entry for forum meet vehicles to keep traffic down. If you need to leave and come back we suggest you hitch a ride with a buddy that parked out in the main parking lot outside the pits.